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The Blues Brothers Soul Band

We do blues, rhythm & blues, jazz, funk, soul. We can handle rock, pop, country, heavy metal, fusion, hip hop, rap, Motown, operetta, show tunes. In fact, we've even been called upon, on occasion, to do a polka!

     Blues Brothers Soul Band Rhythm and Blues Tribute is a high-kicking, ball-busting, hard-rocking, nail-biting, cat-fighting, film-faking, tight-fitting, feet-stomping, dance-crazed, alcohol-hazed, powerhouse performance of a show. (Amen!)

     None of the success of this show would be possible without the sheer class of the bands musicians. Jake and Elwood themselves are fictional characters (created originally by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd), but there is no substitute for the genuine top-quality accomplishment of the players.

Blues Brothers Soul Band Live With Matt "Guitar" Murphy And Dan Aykroyd the Original Blues Brother!!

    This being a concert/show, all the band members are live on stage and nothing is Pre-programed electronic disco or backing tracks. What you see are master blues men at their craft, this is one of the tightest bands around and provide the main drive of the performance; the guitar, keyboard and sax playing are particularly impressive.

      Then there is the music itself. With songs by figures such as Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, John Lee Hooker, Aretha Franklin, James Brown (the "Godfather of Soul") and Booker T. & the MG's how could it fail to be anything other than a musical extravaganza?

      Even the most skeptical of audience members will be on their feet dancing. There is enormous variety in the songs performed, from Soul to Blues and the Stax/Volt Rhythm & Blues. The sets are superb but not distracting and the whole production is something that must be experienced by everyone!

So grab your sunglasses and your pork-pie hat; get down with your blues and go see these good ol' boys for a truly mind-blowing evening.

Blues Brothers with Charlie Daniels

Blues Brothers Soul Band With Otis Day And The Knights at the Brew at the Zoo

Huey Lewis with the Blues Brothers Soul Band at the Tico Torres Charity Event

Tico Torres ( Drummer for Bon Jovi ) with the Blues Brothers Soul Band at the Tico Torres Charity Event

Dan Marino & The Blues Brothers at the Dan Marino Foundation Walk About Autism

Sister Hazel with The Blues Brothers at America's BBQ Ft. Lauderdale Florida

World Famous Bluesmobile At the Jimmy Pagano Memorial Event

Blues Brothers Tribute can perform as a 2 man Show with playback in the style of "Universal Studios" or with a full live band.

Our configurations:

2 - Piece Band - X2 Lead Vocals, Jake & Elwood

8 - piece Band - x2 Lead Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, x2 Brass

10 - piece Band - x2 Lead Vocals, 1 Female Vocal, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, x3 Brass

13 - piece Band - x2 Lead Vocals, x3 Female Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, x4 Brass (The Ultimate Show Band)

Soul Man 2014

Performed By The Blues Brothers Soul Band

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